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Naturogenix: Natural Supplements and Therapies for Chronic Conditions

Supplements to help you treat whatever condition(s) you have, whether it be chronic fatigue, mitochondrial dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, mthfr, methylation or detoxification. Be sure to look around the website to see all that we have to offer, currently we are supplying Holistic Heal and Seeking Health products (more to come in the future!).

If you want more information on what supplements to take, recommendations, where to find a healthcare professional check out the resources page as well as paleo redux. Check out the blog to see any news about the website and other connected websites (such as paleo redux and psynautical). 

Paleo Redux is an extension of this website where I delve into the paleo diet, health, chronic conditions and more. Psynautical more has to do with mental health but its where I write and research about philosophy, spirituality, politics and much more. 


If you have any questions, comments or feedback be sure to email me at:



Will be on vacation for a few days

So if you have any questions or place an order, it may take some time, i will be back thursday or friday, not sure when though.

latest article written on anti cold remedies

Check them it out here: Largely inspired by this blog post:

Seeking health price changes and more!

So seeking health has changed a lot of their prices and have added some new products. Some prices for items have increased, some have decreased. There are also more items...

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